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Arusha National Park

arusha monkey

Embark on an exhilarating morning journey as you depart from your hotel and venture towards the captivating Arusha National Park. Though relatively small in size, this remarkable park boasts an astounding array of diverse fauna and flora, sure to leave a lasting impression. At its very core stands the majestic Mount Meru, a favored destination for avid trekkers seeking a less crowded alternative to the renowned Kilimanjaro routes.

Your day trip unfolds with a captivating exploration of the Ngurdo Crater and the enchanting Momela lakes. These alkaline lakes, nourished by underground springs, harbor a rich tapestry of life, adorned with flourishing algae that provide sustenance for an array of captivating water birds. Keep your eyes peeled for magnificent creatures such as buffaloes, waterbucks, graceful giraffes, playful warthogs, zebras, and lively baboons, accompanied by a symphony of diverse bird species that grace the park’s vibra tapestry.

Prepare for an extraordinary walking safari experience at the Momella Gate, where an armed ranger will guide you through the wilderness, allowing you to intimately connect with the captivating wildlife in their natural habitat. This rare opportunity is a privilege offered by few other national parks in Tanzania and should not be missed.

Indulge in a delightful picnic lunch in the afternoon, as your safari adventure continues through the park, providing ample time for immersive game viewing and the chance to capture mesmerizing wildlife moments. As the day draws to a close, our dedicated team will ensure your safe return to your hotel in Arusha, leaving you with cherished memories of an extraordinary journey through the captivating Arusha National Park.



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